Saturday, September 12, 2009

Night Vision

I was just in Kentucky, visiting my family. We all had such a great time. I love being able to show Cadin where I grew up. It's so much fun to take him to the barn and run around in the yard with all the trees. This time I climbed on the front gates with him, which was something I had so much fun doing as a child. It's nostalgic getting to re-experience things with him.

I want to share something I taught him that I learned about in an aircrew course that I took in Wichita Falls, TX. We learned about "night vision." I didn't think about how it would not only be fun to teach my son one day, but could help him to brave the dark.

At my parents house, I sleep in my bed and Cadin sleeps in the pack and play beside my bed. It was bedtime and the lights had just been turned off.

Cadin: "Mommy, I can't see. I need a nightlight."

Tara: "No you don't sweetie. Wait just a few minutes and your night vision will kick in."

Cadin: "Mommy, I need a nightlight!"

Tara: "Cadin, wait just a few minutes. If you still can't see, I will turn on a nightlight."

Cadin: "Ok." (hesistantly)

****few minutes passed**** I looked up and began to see the top of the window.

Tara: "Cadin, you should be able to start to see the top of the window."

Cadin: "I see it, Mommy." (this started to get his attention)

Tara: "This is your night vision. In just a little while, you'll be able to see a lot."

This was so fun to teach my son. I love teaching him this type of stuff. I can also imagine that it could help children to face their fears of the dark. It gives them their own "superhero" power.

Pretty soon we could both see most everything in the room. When the lights were first turned out, neither one of us could see anything in the room. It was pitch black. After a few minutes passed, we could both see all of the window, the bed and blankets, the furniture, the ceiling and the ceiling fan.

Cadin: "Mommy, can you see the window? You know why? Because we have night vision."

It was a lot of fun. Try it with your kids! :)


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